Online Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 01, 2024 (will not be extended)

Dear Participants,

The eighth Stroke Academy, which is the summit of stroke science in Turkey, will be physically organized this year in Grand Ontur Hotel Çeşme, İzmir between October 31 and November 3, 2024. There will be e-poster and oral presentation platforms where you can evaluate your scientific studies.

Stroke Academy Organizing Committee


Abstracts should be submitted online via the website using the abstract submission system. Abstracts sent via e-mail or mail independently of the system will not be accepted.

The abstracts to be presented at the congress should be in the form of experimental studies, clinical studies and original case presentations, should be capable of contributing to scientific development and should give a concluding message. Since abstracts submitted via the internet will be printed in the same way, attention should be paid to spelling errors. Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.

Spelling Rules

  • Abstracts will be collected via the online abstract system.
  • Academic titles should not be used in author names.
  • Names should be written in lower case with only the first letter capitalized.
  • The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work must be indicated.
  • Only the first letter of the abstract title should be capitalized. (Abbreviations are exempt.)
  • If abbreviations are used in the abstract, the full name of the abbreviation should be given in parentheses.
  • In the abstract, the purpose of the study and the methods used should be briefly stated, the findings should be summarized with sufficient numerical detail and the conclusion should be explained within the framework of the findings presented.
  • The abstract should be written using the headings of purpose, method, findings and conclusion.
  • The entire abstract should not exceed 1000 words, excluding the title, author's name and surname.
  • Abstracts that do not comply with any of these items will be excluded from the evaluation regardless of their content.

Evaluation of Papers

The evaluation will be carried out by the Paper Evaluation Committee by keeping the names/surnames and institutions of the researchers confidential. The result of the evaluation will be sent to all paper owners as a result letter.

Presentation Information

Oral Presentations

You should prepare your presentation slide based on the following features:

  • Title, ethics committee approval, conflict of interest statement (1 slide)
  • Rationale and literature summary (1 slide)
  • Purpose, plan and design (1 or maximum 2 slides)
  • Results-1-2-3 (3 slides, if it is a picture, there can be an extra 3 slides, max 3+3 slides)
  • Discussion/commentary (2 slides)
  • Acknowledgements, future projection (1 slide)
  • Accepted papers will be published as full text in the special issue of Turkish Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases.

Digital Poster Technical Specifications

  • It should be prepared as JPEG vertically at a ratio of 3:4.
  • High resolution, minimum 1536 (width) x 2048 (height).
  • The text on the Digital E-poster should be as large and legible as possible. The recommended font is arial between 12-22 points.
  • If the information on the e-poster does not fit on one page, a second page of the same size should be made, and the quality of the pasted pictures and tables should be high.
  • If the authors have problems with JPEG resolution, they can also send work files with ppt or pptx extension directly.
  • JPEG or work files should be sent to until October 25, 2024.

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