Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain your permission letter from the 'Online Permission Form' area on the congress website.
You can inquire about your registration and accommodation from the 'Online Registration & Accommodation Inquiry' area on the congress website.
You can check the accommodation prices on the congress website. The difference between the double room rate and the single room rate is the co-accommodation difference.
First of all, you need to send your flight information to In line with the details, the contact information of the personnel who will meet you at the airport and carry out your transfer will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.
You will be notified of the presentation details in the Acceptance Letters to be sent as a result of the evaluation.
Another author named in the authors of the paper can present. Presenter changes must be notified to the organization secretariat by e-mail.
You can request your invoice by contacting the 'Accounting' department of Burkon Tourism +90 224 233 40 00.
Certificates cannot be given to those who do not attend the congress.
Photos will be published on the congress website within 15 - 30 working days after the congress.